IHD Gun Shop, 3285 S County Rd. 25A, Troy Ohio 45373 Phone: 937-335-3330

Retail Sales & Service (New & Pre-owned)

CCW, Basic and Defensive Pistol and carbine as well as other firearms Training

I will work with any group of 2 or more to develop a compatable schedule! Call or come by to discuss options!


Plus parts and "Send-out" costs

(Most jobs - some less - Estimates given)

High quality trade-ins welcome

60 Day Consignment - 80% / 20% basis

If I don't have it and can't get it through my distributors, I will help you find it on-line!

(Transfer fee applies to firearm purchases through on-line retailers, etc.)

FFL Transfers ($25.00 fee)

Hard-to-find parts = Cost + s/h + round-up to next $10-15.00 point

Insurance Appraisals ($60.00 fee)

If you bought it from a show or private individual and want some degree of reassurance, "Book" valuation "just so you know its worth" ($20.00 fee)

Scopes mounted & leveled to the firearm (Includes LASER bore sighting) - $60.00

Bore sighting in shop (at about 60') - $30.00

Adjustable Trigger setting using a digital pull gauge

Cold reblueing - Full $200 or touch-up (Est.)

Wood stock refinishing & repair (Est)

Holsters, Mags, Cases, Cleaning Supplies

Paper, Metal and Laser Targeting Systems

Laser Sighting Systems



Folding, Hunting and Survival Knives

Gun smithing and repairs

Cleaning - "Field" or detail - Ultrasonic available for handguns, jewelry or other small items (NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE TO PARTS OR JEWELRY)

Federal (BATFE) State and Local Regulations Vigorously Observed

Absolutely no modern firearms sold or transferred without a successful FBI/NICS background check!

Payment by CASH, Mastercard or Visa happily accepted!

(Sorry no checks)