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NOTICE: BATFE has approved Ohio's request to use a current resident CCW Permit issued after March 23, 2015 in lieu of the FBI background check when purchasing a firearm (paperwork must still be done but is not required to be submitted to the FBI).

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Resident CCW for OHIO - Come to the store to register and complete the necessary paperwork. COURSE EXCEEDS MINIMUM OHIO STATE REQUIREMENTS! AND INCLUDES FIREARMS & AMMUNITION SAFETY, STORAGE & MAINTENANCE AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE BOTH IN THE CLASSROOM AND ON THE RANGE. Defensive mindset and legal aspects of CCW carry are summarized. S.I.R.T. (LASER) pistol used for classroom practice prior to going to the range. Training requirement is 8 hours minimum including practical experience (range time). Non-refundable cash payment of $99 (basic class) is required in advance. Attendees must provide their own fully functioning, safe firearm with 2 magazines (rental handguns may be available) or one speed loader and 100-250 rounds of ammunition, eye and hearing protection, and weather appropriate clothing. A cap with bill is required. NO STUDENT FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION IN THE CLASSROOM! Attendees must certify that they are drug and alcohol free and be able to successfully complete a federal background check upon application with the local sheriff.

Booklet and application are available on the Ohio Attorney General's web site.

All classes are conducted by an NRA and SAFTD certified instructor and Range Safety Officer. Senior instructor is a USAF Certified Master Instructor with over 25 years teaching experience and a Doctorate in Education. Initial firearms training was obtained while serving in the USMC.


Ohio CCW Basic Pistol



2017  Schedule



SEP 17

8 a.m. - ??

Any 3 morning combination, Tue-Fri
 8-12 a.m.

Come in to schedule, register & pre-pay.

Schedule is subject to change.

Pre-pay and register at the store. Cost for basic CCW class is still $99.00.

Minimum 8 hours classroom including live-fire range time.

Scheduled for 8-10 hours

You will need your safe, working carry gun, 2 mags or 1 speed loader and ammo (min 100-250 rds) on the day of class, eye and hearing protection and weather appropriate clothing with a billed cap! Hand guns in .22LR (basic class ONLY) and 9mm are available for rental for class use only at $10.00 each and purchase of 100-250 rds ammo from IHD Gun Shop.

Advanced classes (Defensive Hand Gun I or II) require the use of a strong side, belt mounted holster that will remain open when gun is withdrawn (for range safety, no cross draw, appendix or shoulder holsters), at least a 9mm pistol with 2 magazines and 200-250 rounds of fresh ammo. Cost is $120 plus ammo. In addition to completing the written exam (70%), students must complete the Handgun Qualification with a score of 70% or better.

Attendees may bring snacks or drinks if desired. Coffee, doughnuts and lunch (pizza?) may be available.

The basic class and Defensive Handgun 1 meet the Ohio State CCW Permit Application Requirement!

These one day classes may be scheduled for a Sunday or Monday. (May also be scheduled for Saturday 2-6:30 p.m. finishing on Sunday or Monday or any 3 morning combo.)

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Rental hand guns in .22LR and 9mm are available for the class (must purchase your ammo (100-200 rds) at IHD Gun shop)


10 a.m. to Noon

(2 hour class)

NRA Pistol marksmanship Simulator Training (SIMCO) using the S.I.R.T. LASER Training Pistol. All activities take place in the class room environment. Absolutely NO live firearms or ammunition will be used. Come to the shop to register. This class is ideal for youngsters, anyone who has never handled a hand gun or anyone simply wanting a quick refresher. Total cost per student is only $25.00.

ON-LINE e-learning

CCW class with IN PERSON range time and live-fire exercises.



10:00 a.m. to noon

Call to Schedule



For EXPERIENCED individuals who have difficulty blocking out a full day for classroom training, Ohio House Bill 234, effective March 23, 2015 allows for the completion of the 6 hour classroom portion of the Ohio CCW course on line via computer, smart phone or other electronic device in the privacy of your home at your convenience.

Sign up for the on line portion of the CCW course with our On-Line training partner at www.ElectronicCCW.com. When you crate your account, enter the code HP1001 to receive your $5.00 discount.

When you finish the on line course, bring your certificate to IHD Gun Shop to schedule your minimum 2 hour in-person, range time and live-firing exercises and be awarded the full completion certificate required to apply for your permit. Full payment of $49.95 is expected at that time. A 10% cash discount is offered.

You will need your safe, working carry gun, 2 mags or 1 speed loader and ammo (min 100-150 rds) on the day of class, eye and hearing protection and weather appropriate clothing with a billed cap!

Thank you for considering Impact Home Defense, LLC for your training needs.



(This class is conducted by an NRA and SAFTD Certified instructor (As required by the ORC but is NOT sanctioned be either organization. On-line training with in-person review and live fire is authorized by and does exceed the Ohio State revised code requirement to apply for a permit.)

NRA - REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM Seminar Approximately 4 hours;

Cost $35 preregister

This is not a firearms instruction course, and does not include instruction in physical combat or self-defense. It rather teaches about common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of and teaches a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive, and easy to follow.

Some of the topics discussed are:
-The Psychology of the Criminal Mind
-Know what criminals look for in a victim
- Home Protection Plan
-Situational Awareness and Avoidance Techniques
-Cyber Safety
-Home & Phone Security
-Car-jack Avoidance Techniques
-Automobile & Travel Security
-Personal & Technological Security
-Use of various Personal Safety Devices (Tasers, Stun guns, Batons, Pepper Spray) & Self-Defense Tools
-Home Invasions and Burglary
-Interacting with the Police
-What to do if you do become a Victim
-Layers of Defense and making your home a difficult target
-Mental Preparedness & Controlling Fear
-Lighting, Alarms, Dead Bolts, Windows and more
-Rape Statistics and Prevention
-Banking & ATM Scams
-Cyber fraud & Electronic Theft
-Cyber-stalking and bullying
-and much more.
This NRA course focuses on proactive courses of action, rather than reactive, making yourself more difficult to prey upon. Refuse To Be A Victim!

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